Newarkers, Get Vaccinated!

The COVID-19 epidemic has killed over 2,700 people in Essex County, NJ. About 800 of those deaths were our friends, family and neighbors in Newark. There is a mountain of research showing our city’s demographics disproportionally suffer from preconditions that make the virus more severe. For these reasons, it’s imperative Newarkers get vaccinated as soon as possible. Here are links to city, county and state … Continue reading Newarkers, Get Vaccinated!

Leave the “Renaissance” Behind

By mantunes Renaissance: 1. the great revival of art and letters, under the influence of classical models, which began in Italy in the 14th century and continued during the 15th and 16th century; also, the period during which this movement was in progress. 2. any revival, or period of marked improvement and new life, in art, literature, etc.  Newark is a city that often fixates … Continue reading Leave the “Renaissance” Behind

Clothes Up and Personal: Portraits of Four Fashion Designers

By Melisa Gerecci Iridescent batwing sleeves billow like soap bubbles around a model’s arms. Thousands of ruby-colored sequins form a funky turtleneck for another model. Viewed from a back-row seat, rubber wedding dresses look like lace. Up front, a woman perches in a smoke-gray, pinstriped suit. It’s a warm October evening in pre-Covid times. Shadows of a 17th-century church dance with a jaunty art deco … Continue reading Clothes Up and Personal: Portraits of Four Fashion Designers

Wards of Action: African American and Latino Citymaking in Newark

By Karolina Dos Santos I was watching the virtual meeting on March 4th, 2021 about the proposed Aries Water Treatment Plant in the Ironbound and something Senator Teresa Ruiz said stuck with me. She said, “I’m a North ward resident born and bred and raising my daughter here. But I will tell you that what will impact one ward, one street, one block, one neighborhood … Continue reading Wards of Action: African American and Latino Citymaking in Newark

Community Supported Agriculture in Newark: Nourishing Soil and People

By Evelyn Kalka “What is a CSA, and why should I care?” Fair question! Community Supported Agriculture, in its true form, is a way to produce nourishing and flavorful food that is financially feasible for farmers. Diverse, small to mid-scale, organic and regenerative farms have an uphill battle competing in today’s industrialized food system. You might call them the Don Quixotes of food production. To create … Continue reading Community Supported Agriculture in Newark: Nourishing Soil and People

Interview with Jo-el Lopez

Jo-el Lopez is a resident artist at Newark’s Gallery Aferro. His work has regularly appeared in Tri-state area exhibitions at The Bronx River Art Center, The Center for Contemporary Art (Bedminster), Rutgers University- Newark, New Jersey City University, Kean University, Rupert Raven Contemporary, and others. His work is also part of The Newark Museum of Art and The Zimmeri Museum of Art collections. The following … Continue reading Interview with Jo-el Lopez

Five Bike Rides Through Newark

By Sophie Ziner You’d love to ride your bike in Newark, you tell me, but you just don’t trust our drivers. Listen, I hear you. But cycling in Newark is less risky and more pleasant than you might think, with plenty of options for cyclists of varying abilities. And, while it’s absolutely true that Newark streets have their share of hostile suburbanites in SUVs flying … Continue reading Five Bike Rides Through Newark

Summer Nightlife Guide

By Justin Williams As COVID-19 vaccination rates steadily increase, it appears life might be returning to a “new normal” this summer. This means we can enter public spaces with increasing confidence and support some of Newark’s nightlife establishments that have suffered greatly as a result of the pandemic. For newcomers and people born and raised here alike, Newark’s nightlife scene(s) is a little less well-known … Continue reading Summer Nightlife Guide