“Rethinking Language”

By Keishla Rivera-Lopez I’ve been thinking about howwe learn to cook as children,and how it mirrors the way we learn our language. There are noclassrooms or signs of formality.The experience is peppered in mistakes and being. But once a potproduces food, no one asks if you’d had prescribed training, or if you consulted with a chef. No, there is none of that. The people just eat. They enjoythe delectable food. … Continue reading “Rethinking Language”

Where to get Veggie Burgers in (and around) Newark

By Anastasia Bez As a vegetarian, this is a list that I wish existed when I first moved to Newark. While expansive, this is not definitive and may be updated. I have a bias towards vegetable patties instead of imitation meat burgers (i.e. Beyond or Impossible patties). The ‘Boca Burgers’ of my childhood are no longer default! After spending the last year making my own … Continue reading Where to get Veggie Burgers in (and around) Newark

Mixology: Manny Faces

DJ, podcaster and journalist, Manny Faces has been an advocate for Hip-Hop music in the NYC area for years. In Newark, you may know him from Sunday R&B Brunch at Marcus B&P, or as co-host of the Brick City Comedy Revue. We’re sad to lose him to Atlanta (where he will be closer to family), but happy to hear he’ll keep broadcasting and spinning tunes … Continue reading Mixology: Manny Faces

Her Name…

By Lawrence Krayn I was sweaty. With the dryness under my eyelids a dull constant aching, I glanced toward the radiator in her bedroom. It was under a fogged-up window, humming unstably. A steady flow of dry air continued to be released, turning my sinuses into barren scorches. Shit, it was hot. I wished the damn thing had a thermostat instead of just a dusty … Continue reading Her Name…

Newarkers, Get Vaccinated!

The COVID-19 epidemic has killed over 2,700 people in Essex County, NJ. About 800 of those deaths were our friends, family and neighbors in Newark. There is a mountain of research showing our city’s demographics disproportionally suffer from preconditions that make the virus more severe. For these reasons, it’s imperative Newarkers get vaccinated as soon as possible. Here are links to city, county and state … Continue reading Newarkers, Get Vaccinated!

Leave the “Renaissance” Behind

By mantunes Renaissance: 1. the great revival of art and letters, under the influence of classical models, which began in Italy in the 14th century and continued during the 15th and 16th century; also, the period during which this movement was in progress. 2. any revival, or period of marked improvement and new life, in art, literature, etc.  Newark is a city that often fixates … Continue reading Leave the “Renaissance” Behind

Clothes Up and Personal: Portraits of Four Fashion Designers

By Melisa Gerecci Iridescent batwing sleeves billow like soap bubbles around a model’s arms. Thousands of ruby-colored sequins form a funky turtleneck for another model. Viewed from a back-row seat, rubber wedding dresses look like lace. Up front, a woman perches in a smoke-gray, pinstriped suit. It’s a warm October evening in pre-Covid times. Shadows of a 17th-century church dance with a jaunty art deco … Continue reading Clothes Up and Personal: Portraits of Four Fashion Designers

Wards of Action: African American and Latino Citymaking in Newark

By Karolina Dos Santos I was watching the virtual meeting on March 4th, 2021 about the proposed Aries Water Treatment Plant in the Ironbound and something Senator Teresa Ruiz said stuck with me. She said, “I’m a North ward resident born and bred and raising my daughter here. But I will tell you that what will impact one ward, one street, one block, one neighborhood … Continue reading Wards of Action: African American and Latino Citymaking in Newark