Interview with Kevin Sampson

Kevin Blythe Sampson is a retired police officer and award-winning artist whose work has been featured at the Carnegie Museum, Mariposa Museum, The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art, the Gregg Museum of Art & Design, the Edlin Gallery and Newark Museum of Art. The following is our conversation with him about art and life in Newark. Where are you from originally?  What brought you to … Continue reading Interview with Kevin Sampson

Interview with Jo-el Lopez

Jo-el Lopez is a resident artist at Newark’s Gallery Aferro. His work has regularly appeared in Tri-state area exhibitions at The Bronx River Art Center, The Center for Contemporary Art (Bedminster), Rutgers University- Newark, New Jersey City University, Kean University, Rupert Raven Contemporary, and others. His work is also part of The Newark Museum of Art and The Zimmeri Museum of Art collections. The following … Continue reading Interview with Jo-el Lopez

Interview with Noelle Lorraine Williams

Noelle Lorraine Williams lives and works in Newark, NJ. She is a public humanities specialist whose work spans several different media including photography, glass bead embroidery and video. She is also a researcher, curator and writer. Her work examines the ways African Americans utilize culture to imagine liberation in the United States and has been reviewed in the Star-Ledger, New York Times, ArtNews, and other … Continue reading Interview with Noelle Lorraine Williams