“Rethinking Language”

By Keishla Rivera-Lopez I’ve been thinking about howwe learn to cook as children,and how it mirrors the way we learn our language. There are noclassrooms or signs of formality.The experience is peppered in mistakes and being. But once a potproduces food, no one asks if you’d had prescribed training, or if you consulted with a chef. No, there is none of that. The people just eat. They enjoythe delectable food. … Continue reading “Rethinking Language”

“Ode to Mami’s Kitchen”

By Keishla Rivera-Lopez This is the placewhere I learned my placein the family. I was meantto be here. To cook. Toclean. To serve. To dofor others first, and myselfsecond. This is the placeI’d watchmami with furrowed brows,a red face, and frizzy hair workher magic. With her hands sheailed sickness, fed us nutritionand life. Her hands held mine andtaught me what they knew whenshe was a … Continue reading “Ode to Mami’s Kitchen”