Harlem Renaissance Era Commentary on Race Remains Relevant

By mantunes There’s an old word game I love to play that challenges you to grasp the slipperiness of the English language. The premise is to identify as many contronyms as you can possibly name. A contronym is basically a word that can mean it’s own opposite, usually depending on the context. Popular contenders include: cleave; sanction; oversight; transparent; refrain. A new word has just … Continue reading Harlem Renaissance Era Commentary on Race Remains Relevant

Local Options for Healthy and Ethical Eating

By Anastasia Bez and Sharon Adarlo Newark is a tough place when you’re vegan. Historically, Brick City has not had the same level of options or diversity of flavors for eating plant based compared to Manhattan, Jersey City or Brooklyn. But, that’s slowly changing as longtime locals and recent transplants have embraced veganism for ethical and/or health reasons. Here are reviews of two local options … Continue reading Local Options for Healthy and Ethical Eating

Many Hopes for Many Saints

By Don Mexlar I don’t make movies. So I’m not about to write a review criticizing The Many Saints of Newark, the prequel to The Sopranos depicting the life of Dickie Moltisanti, Christopher’s father, from 1967 to the mid-1970s. And I’m certainly not going to judge a story whose plot follows three main characters: Dickie, Harold—who is Black and begins as Dickie’s associate before starting … Continue reading Many Hopes for Many Saints

Where to get Veggie Burgers in (and around) Newark

By Anastasia Bez As a vegetarian, this is a list that I wish existed when I first moved to Newark. While expansive, this is not definitive and may be updated. I have a bias towards vegetable patties instead of imitation meat burgers (i.e. Beyond or Impossible patties). The ‘Boca Burgers’ of my childhood are no longer default! After spending the last year making my own … Continue reading Where to get Veggie Burgers in (and around) Newark

Yaya Tea

By Sharon Adarlo One day in September, a woman dressed in a nondescript outfit walked out of Yaya Tea in Downtown Newark carrying two icy cold tumblers of bubble milk tea and seaweed-wrapped rice balls. With her college-aged daughter’s help, she unwrapped the plastic film around the rice ball and then proceeded to eat everything inside but the seaweed. Cooked rice bits were all over … Continue reading Yaya Tea