Newarkers, Get Vaccinated!

The COVID-19 epidemic has killed over 2,700 people in Essex County, NJ. About 800 of those deaths were our friends, family and neighbors in Newark. There is a mountain of research showing our city’s demographics disproportionally suffer from preconditions that make the virus more severe. For these reasons, it’s imperative Newarkers get vaccinated as soon as possible. Here are links to city, county and state … Continue reading Newarkers, Get Vaccinated!

Akwaaba Gallery Needs Our Help!

Since opening in 2019, Akwaaba Gallery has been a tremendous addition to the West Ward and Newark’s art scene, but its future is in jeopardy due to the COVID-19 pandemic and technicalities preventing it from accessing a PPP loan. We ask that you consider making a donation to Akwaaba Gallery’s GoFundMe to ensure this gem continues to shine on South Orange Avenue! The Board of … Continue reading Akwaaba Gallery Needs Our Help!

Statues and Limitations

The past five years have seen a historic surge in anti-racist activism, including the removal of racist symbols from urban spaces across the country. As Confederate monuments were removed and major streets decorated in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, the city of Newark has had its own reckoning with space and representation. In 2018, a monument to immigrants was erected in Peter Francisco … Continue reading Statues and Limitations

Welcome to The Newarker

Dear Reader, The Newarker is a quarterly journal of history, culture, and society focused on Newark, New Jersey that celebrates the creativity, diversity and dynamism of this city. In our debut issue, we surveyed community members on Newark’s police reform efforts, interviewed a local artist/academic, and featured a reflection on the history of the Old Essex County Jail. We also included photographs, short stories, music … Continue reading Welcome to The Newarker