A Tribute to Housing Segregation

By Rich Blackmon

“Sometimes racism works out in Black people’s favor, it doesn’t happen often, it happens rarely, but when it happens it’s fucking sweet.”

-Dave Chappelle

The Black bourgeoisie need not yearn for Atlanta
Thy kingdom awaits in Newark!
White flight with no return ticket twenty minutes outside of Manhattan
The Black middle-class remains unmolested by Karen in Forest Hill and Weequahic
Harlem and Bed-Stuy look on in envy as house music plays under luxury towers
We got a Whole Foods downtown
But it’s still soul foods
Crime is down, reformed police, development up, with no demographic change
Brick City is a unicorn
The Black capitol of the Northeast, a chocolate city indeed
Let us revel in our reign, until the Latinx majority

Rich Blackmon is an award-winning slam poet, satirist and Black elitist.

Featured image by Pexels

Illustration by Sharon Adarlo