The Climate Crisis Is Here

Lawns and parks browning from heat stress have been the most visible symbol of the impact climate change is having on Newark. In fact, the month of August broke an all-time record for the most days with 90 degree temperatures. High heat combined with a abnormal lack of rainfall, has produced drought conditions across the state. Magnifying the problem has been Newark’s relative lack of trees, which has given the city a status as the second worst heat island in the United States. These are some really grim trends for the future that require immediate action.

The good news is Newarkers can play a role in stemming the tide of extreme weather conditions. Contact organizations like the NJ Tree Foundation to have trees that were cut down replaced on your properties (renters, get your landlord on board with this). We’d also like to see the City of Newark produce some compressive plans to address the inequity’s in vegetation between tree-lined areas like Forest Hill and parts of the Ironbound that have no trees at all.

Planting trees is not simply a quality of life issue, but also a necessity for our very health and survival.

The Board of Editors
The Newarker

Featured image by Pexels

Illustration by Sharon Adarlo