Mixology: DEVONNE

DEVONNE is a Haitian-Jamaican Newark-based multi-disciplined creative producer and flower-child who curates an escapist, sexy, intimate, relaxing atmosphere. Accompanied by live … More

Mixology: Janè Miranda

Janè is a Newark native who combines the traditions of jazz, soul, r+b, bolero, salsa, bomba y plena, hip-hop and … More

Mixology: brainorchestra

Elizabeth, New Jersey based rapper and producer brainorchrestra is a refreshing throwback to the classic era of East Coast hip-hop … More

Mixology: Manny Faces

DJ, podcaster and journalist, Manny Faces has been an advocate for Hip-Hop music in the NYC area for years. In … More

Mixology: Uniiqu3

For years, Newark based DJ and producer Uniiqu3 has drawn national attention to Jersey Club music with regular features in … More